#CarrytheBaton for Baton Rouge

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Even before the devastating floods in southern Louisiana, 1 in every 6 residents struggled with food insecurity. These individuals relied on their community food banks and local initiatives to put food on the table, fulfilling basic human needs. Unfortunately, these organizations are not immune to rising flood waters and the storm left many critically in need of support.

The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, which operates under our charity partner Feeding America, is one of the many local operations that has been dramatically affected by the recent flooding in southern Louisiana. Four feet of water seeped into the food bank’s warehouse during the storm, leaving thousands of pounds of food inedible. To get a better idea of the storm’s impact on the food bank, and what it means for the community of Baton Rouge check out this video.

Please join our sponsor Humana in their efforts to support local charity partners including the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. From now until September 30, select Feeding America as your charity partner and log a 5k with @Charity Miles. For each 5k logged, Humana will donate $1 (up to $10,000) to the local charity partners that are contributing to the Baton Rouge relief efforts. Together we can help these organizations support the communities they serve. Please get out and #CarryTheBaton for Baton Rouge.

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