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Explain It Like I’m 5: Bone Conduction

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Our friends at BibRave and AfterShokz teamed up to create an interesting podcast: Explain It Like I'm 5: Bone Conduction.

As you probably already know, AfterShokz transmits sound via bone conduction, meaning our headphones rest in front of your ears, rather than over or inside. However, you might not know all of the tech and biology at play, or what’s necessary to transmit sound via bone conduction vs air conduction, which is how most sound travels and is received. 

This episode features board-certified, YouTube-renowned audiologist, Dr. Cliff Olson, AuD. Dr. Cliff is an expert in all things related to Audiology, and his insight into the science and benefits of bone conduction is extremely illuminating.

So, if you've ever wondered how AfterShokz's bone conduction works, check out the podcast here.

Big thanks to our partners at AfterShokz who make this podcast, and everything we do at Charity Miles possible!

If you're listening to this podcast while walking or running, I hope you're wearing their open-ear bone conduction headphones. 

Not only do they enable you to listen to your podcasts and music safely, but since they don't go in your ear, they are the most comfortable headphones I've ever owned– and they never fall out!

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