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Get Hooked with Nir Eyal, Author and Thought Leader at the Intersection of Technology and Psychology

By August 23, 2017 No Comments

In this episode, I run with Nir Eyal on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. Nir is one of the most sought after minds in Silicon Valley for his work at the intersection of technology and psychology, principally with regards to his work on habit formation.

Nir literally wrote the book on habit formation.  His book, Hooked, is the primer that all tech companies (including us) use in trying to make their products more habit forming.  His blog is a must-read for anyone in the industry, and anyone who is interested in how technology influences us.  And he has consulted for every major tech company that is changing our behavioral landscape.

Nir's work has also been a big influence on me personally.  (Just ask my team– they're a bit tired of how often I bring it up in meetings.)  And I'm super grateful to Nir for taking the time to share his insight with us so that we can all form healthier habits– and break some of our bad ones.  #EveryMileMatters

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