Top 10 Employee Engagement Apps That Are Changing The Workplace

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Impact of Employee Engagement Apps: Discover the transformative power of employee engagement apps in boosting communication, morale, and productivity.
  • Top 10 Employee Engagement Apps Revolutionizing Workplaces: Learn about the top 10 employee engagement apps significantly impacting workplaces today.
  • Key Criteria for Choosing the Right Engagement App for Your Company: Understand the key criteria for selecting the right engagement app to align with your company’s values and goals.


At Charity Miles, we uphold the belief that engaged employees are likely to take ownership of their roles as well as the broader business and community impact, aligning perfectly with our ethos that every mile matters.

Engaged employees contribute more effectively and play an instrumental role in driving innovation and sustaining the company's growth. As companies strive to enhance their workplace culture, technology is stepping in to bridge the gap through innovative solutions. Employee engagement apps have emerged as powerful tools that transform how teams communicate, collaborate, and connect within the workplace. These apps streamline operations and enrich the workplace experience by making it more inclusive and responsive.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 employee engagement apps that are revolutionizing the workplace.


Defining Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a fundamental concept that refers to the level of enthusiasm and dedication a worker feels towards their job. Engaged employees aren't just clocking in and out; they genuinely care about their work and the organization they belong to. They are motivated to achieve their best and committed to contributing positively to their company's mission and goals.

But why does employee engagement matter so much? It's simple: highly engaged teams tend to show significantly higher productivity, profitability, and customer ratings while experiencing lower turnover and absenteeism compared to disengaged teams. Essentially, when employees are engaged, they are both happier and more effective.

At Charity Miles, we believe that fostering employee engagement benefits both individuals and the company as a whole. Our app offers a unique method for employees to feel engaged and motivated by linking their physical activities to charitable causes. By integrating Charity Miles into your employee engagement programs, you can inspire your team to make a difference while promoting a healthy lifestyle and a sense of community within your organization.


 Employee Engagement In Modern Workplaces


Understanding Employee Engagement Apps

Employee engagement apps are software solutions designed to boost interaction, recognize achievements, and enhance company culture. They have a user-friendly interface accessible from anywhere at any time. These tools go beyond communication; they help build communities, facilitate meaningful conversations, and provide platforms for collaboration and recognition.

What makes these apps genuinely transformative is their ability to integrate smoothly into daily routines. Employees can share updates, celebrate milestones, and even participate in health and wellness challenges. These apps facilitate work-related tasks and create an environment where every employee feels valued and connected to the company's larger mission.


Overview Of Top 10 Employee Engagement Applications

Employee engagement apps are transformative tools that boost morale, enhance communication, and increase productivity dynamically. 

Here’s a look at the top 10 employee engagement apps that are making significant impacts in workplaces around the world:


1. Charity Miles

At Charity Miles, we believe promoting a charitable cause can significantly uplift team spirit. Our app tracks the miles employees walk, run, or bike, converting them into charity donations. This encourages a healthy lifestyle and fosters a sense of purpose and collaboration among employees.


2. Connecteam

This app provides a comprehensive solution with features like a company news feed, in-app chat, surveys, training and onboarding hubs, recognition and rewards, and a timeline to track employee development. It's highly customizable and offers a free-for-life plan for small teams​


3. Bonusly

Focused on employee recognition and rewards, Bonusly allows for peer-to-peer recognition and integrates with popular tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams. It supports custom awards and automated celebrations to foster a culture of appreciation


4. WorkTango

An all-in-one employee experience platform, WorkTango excels in employee recognition, surveys, goal-setting, and feedback tools. It integrates well with HR software and communication tools, providing valuable insights and promoting positive behaviors​


5. Motivosity

This platform is designed for peer-to-peer recognition, with features like leaderboards, eNPS scoring, and an integrated rewards system. It promotes a highly engaged and connected team environment​.


6. Culture Amp

Known for its performance management tools, Culture Amp supports 360-degree feedback, goal-setting, and regular coaching. It's ideal for building a culture of continuous improvement and high engagement


7. Blink

A mobile-first app that enhances communication across an organization. It features a social feed, recognition system, and on-demand translation, making it suitable for large, multilingual organizations.


8. Workvivo

This app combines community features, real-time company updates, and auto-translation tools, making it perfect for large organizations with diverse workforces. It integrates with Zoom for live-streaming updates​


9. Leapsome

Leapsome combines performance management, engagement surveys, and continuous feedback. It helps organizations nurture growth, enhance collaboration, and drive productivity through customizable templates and real-time feedback​


10. Gamifier

This app gamifies work tasks to boost engagement and productivity. It includes features like quests, challenges, leaderboards, and a customizable rewards system to create a fun and interactive work environment​


The Need For Employee Engagement In Modern Workplaces

Traditional engagement strategies often fall short in the age of remote work and digital communication, necessitating innovative solutions to keep employees connected and motivated. The modern workplace is characterized by diverse teams, often distributed across various locations. While this setup offers vast opportunities for tapping into global talent, it presents unique challenges in maintaining clear communication and cultivating a sense of belonging among employees. Here, technology steps in as a pivotal enabler. The best employee engagement apps smoothly bridge these gaps, bringing transformative solutions.


Criteria For Choosing The Right Engagement App

Selecting the best employee engagement app for your company is crucial, as it significantly influences your team's morale and productivity. 

Here are some key factors to consider to ensure you choose an app that aligns perfectly with your organization’s needs:


Alignment With Company Values And Goals

An engagement app should mirror your company's ethos and aspirations. It should support the ethos of making a positive impact, just as Charity Miles does by converting steps into charitable donations. Choose an app that helps promote and integrate your core values into its functionalities.



The best employee engagement apps are intuitive and easy to use. An app requiring little to no training encourages all employees to participate enthusiastically, ensuring consistent engagement across all levels of the organization.


Features And Functionality

Look for apps offering various features to meet multiple engagement needs, such as recognition and rewards systems, feedback tools, collaborative platforms, and wellness initiatives. The more features there are, the more likely the app will cater to your team members' diverse preferences.


Data Security And Privacy

Ensure the app adheres to the highest standards of data protection. Confidentiality and security of employee information are paramount and should never be compromised.


Integration Capabilities

It is essential for the app to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems (like HR software, communication tools, etc.). This integration helps maintain a smooth workflow and reduces the hassle of managing multiple platforms.



Choose an app that grows with your company. Its capacity to accommodate increasing numbers of users and expand in functionality is crucial for sustained engagement as your business evolves.


Support And Customer Service

Exceptional customer support is vital. The availability of prompt and efficient help when needed is crucial in maintaining the functionality and usefulness of the app.



While quality is essential, the app must also fit within your budget. Consider the upfront cost and ongoing fees for operation, support, and updates.


Five Benefits Of Using Employee Engagement Apps

Employee engagement apps are tools and gateways to creating a more connected, motivated, and productive workplace. 

Here are five compelling benefits that showcase why these apps are indispensable in today's business environment:

  • Enhanced Communication: Clear and open communication is at the heart of every thriving organization. Employee engagement apps facilitate this by providing platforms where employees can easily share information, updates, and feedback in real time. 
  • Increased Transparency: With features like task trackers and real-time progress reports, these apps help foster a culture of transparency. Employees cannot only keep track of their own duties but also see the contributions of their peers. 
  • Greater Recognition and Rewards: Everyone wants to feel acknowledged for their hard work, and employee engagement apps make recognition both immediate and public. Whether it’s through leaderboards, badges, or customized rewards, these apps provide numerous ways to celebrate achievements and milestones, significantly boosting morale.
  • Valuable Insights Through Surveys and Feedback: Regular feedback is crucial for growth and improvement. Employee engagement apps often come equipped with tools to conduct surveys and polls that make it easy for leaders to gather insights on employee satisfaction, workplace culture, and other critical areas. This feedback is instrumental in making informed decisions that enhance employee satisfaction and company performance.
  • Promotion of Health and Wellness: Certain apps, like Charity Miles, integrate wellness into their platform, encouraging employees to engage in activities that benefit their health. By incorporating features that allow employees to track physical activities and translate them into charitable donations, companies can motivate staff while contributing to social causes, aligning personal goals with corporate social responsibility efforts.


 Benefits Of Using Employee Engagement Apps


Final Thoughts

In an era where workplace culture is a pivotal element of success, embracing the best employee engagement apps is not just a trend, but a strategic move. These tools revolutionize how employees interact, innovate, and contribute to their organizations, ensuring each team member feels valued and heard. These apps can help elevate productivity and satisfaction levels across the board by fostering a more connected and dynamic work environment.

At Charity Miles, we align with the vision of transforming routine actions into impactful deeds. Like the best employee engagement apps, we believe in the power of everyday activities to foster a positive impact. With our app, every step your employees take boosts their health and wellness and contributes to charitable causes, making every mile matter. Encourage your team to join the movement where their physical activity becomes a pathway to aid those in need. Together, we can make a significant difference in the world — one step, one mile at a time. 


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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Employee Engagement Apps

What are employee-designed engagement apps?

Employee engagement apps are digital platforms that enhance team communication, collaboration, and engagement. These apps help keep employees connected, motivated, and productive, especially in a dynamic work environment.


What are the top features to look for in employee engagement apps?

When selecting the best employee engagement apps, look for key features such as customizability, ease of use, real-time communication tools, feedback mechanisms, recognition and rewards systems, analytics for tracking engagement levels, and mobile compatibility.


How do employee engagement apps change the workplace?

Employee engagement apps revolutionize the workplace by fostering a culture of transparency and immediate feedback. They enhance communication across departments, increase employee satisfaction, and help recognize individual and team accomplishments, leading to a more connected and productive workplace environment.


Are employee engagement apps cost-effective?

Yes, employee engagement apps are generally cost-effective solutions for improving team morale and efficiency. By reducing turnover rates and enhancing productivity, these apps typically offer a good return on investment, outweighing the initial implementation and maintenance costs.


How do employee engagement apps impact remote workers?

Engagement apps are vital for remote workers, as they bridge the communication gap between dispersed team members. They ensure that remote employees feel just as part of the team as onsite workers, providing them equal opportunities for collaboration, feedback, and recognition.


Can employee engagement apps improve productivity?

Absolutely! These apps boost employee morale by increasing engagement through regular feedback, recognition, and effective communication. High morale often leads to increased productivity, as employees are more motivated and invested in their roles.


What are the top 10 employee engagement apps currently available?

The top 10 employee engagement apps include platforms like Officevibe, Trello, Slack, Asana, Kudos, Zoom, 15Five, BambooHR, and, of course, Charity Miles, which integrates philanthropy with daily work routines to boost morale and corporate social responsibility.


How do employee engagement apps handle data privacy?

Top employee engagement apps prioritize data privacy with robust security measures. They comply with relevant data protection regulations, use encryption software, and offer various

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