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Q: Is anything better than pictures of cute dogs on the Internet? A: Yes! Happy dogs walking and running around outside!

We invite you to join us & our partners at the ASPCA in promoting National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, by participating in the ASPCA SHELTER DOG CHALLENGE!

The ASPCA does incredible work all year to fulfill their mission of providing effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. In October, they’re focusing on spreading awareness about the 7.6 million dogs who enter shelters throughout the US each year and are in need of loving homes.

It’s easy for all to enter, and you don’t need to have a dog to participate. But we do encourage lots of sharing for the dog lovers in our community!
Here’s how the Challenge works:


Small Dog Badge To Earn Badge:

1. Select ASPCA in the Charity Miles app

2. Move for 30 minutes, or more.

The average dog needs to be walked for 30 mins. You don’t need a dog to earn this badge but log miles with a dog or without in support of our furry friends.

Big Dog Badge To Earn Badge: 

1. Select ASPCA in the Charity Miles app

2. Get moving, and add a picture! Take a picture right in the Charity Miles app of you: walking your own dog, walking your friend’s dog, or volunteering to walk a shelter dog! Or even just go for a walk yourself and snap a pic and tag ASPCA in the social share to show your support, no dog required.

3. Share your session (as soon as you’re done) on social media, right through the Charity Miles app! Whether you walk a dog or just show your support for dogs, you’re making a difference for the ASPCA 🙂


Pro-tip: Please allow the badge a few seconds to load once you have completed the 30 mins or shared your photo. The badge doesn’t last long in the app, but you will get an email the next morning with a downloadable image to share on social. *Make sure you use #ASPCA #CharityMiles

BONUS: We partnered with WAG! The nation’s largest and most trusted private dog walking service and first-ever dog walking app. WAG has granted us a link that provides three free walks with WAG as a reward. We will be sending the link to redeem out to participants in the ASPCA SHELTER DOG Challenge who earn the Big Dog Badge!!

See you out there, woof woof!

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