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Member Spotlight: Alex and Leanne Freedom Hacking Their Way Around The World With Charity Miles

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This month's member spotlight features two globetrotting travel hackers with an amazing story about how they're using the Charity Miles app on their adventures. And it's a MUST SEE…

Their mission is to unearth unconventional shortcuts to unforgettable experiences through travel, adventure, personal growth, and contribution. 

Alexandra Cattoni and Leanne Kallal are business partners and best friends who are always on the move and taking their business with them.

With their company Freedify and their Five Star Freedom System, they show their fans and followers how they scored 30 nights at a 5-star resort on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches totally free… using little-known secrets of how to work with 5-star hotels. (We're really impressed with what they've done and how they're using Charity Miles!

And you can join their Team in the Charity Miles app for free to help them do 1,000 miles to benefit Charity Water!

Want More Backstory On Their Travel Hacking Five Star Freedom Adventures?

Alex and Leanne’s story is one that most freedom-seekers drool over. Whenever they tell their story, they hear “How can I do that??!”

It all started back in February 2011. Alex and Leanne, long-time friends from University, were living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, working for an internet publishing company called Mindvalley. While they loved living abroad and the exotic wonders of Southeast Asia, they were craving more. They wanted to explore far-off places for longer than a weekend, they wanted to indulge in their passions and discover new ones, they wanted to grow their brand-new business, and they wanted it all without foregoing the cushy lifestyle they’d become accustomed to in paradise.

Wishful thinking? Not for these Freedom Hackers. While laying on a Philippine island with their toes in the sand, they had an idea.

An idea that would not only grant them their wish and more but would alter the very course of their life path. They returned back to Kuala Lumpur after their weekend girls' trip and got to work on hatching their brilliant plan.

Just 5 months later, they were back on the Philippines' Boracay White Beach, spending 30 whole days in a gorgeous $500/night 5-star resort absolutely free. Wanna know how they did it?

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