Employee Engagment Strategies

Don’t settle for ordinary employee engagement activities. Every step makes an impact with Charity Miles.

You'll have happier, healthier, prouder employees when you empower them to turn every step into money for charity. Our Employee Empowerment Program is for companies invested in building a culture that values employee wellness, empathy and giving back. Enhance your employee engagement strategy with a corporate wellness program for a cause.

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Make a Difference in Four Easy Steps

Employee engagement strategies don’t need to be overcomplicated. With Charity Miles, you can enhance your corporate wellness program and make a difference in four easy steps.

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Download the App

Your employees download the app for free, create an account and choose a charity.

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Join the Company Team

They join your private team with their company email address.

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Get Moving

The app lets them log all types of movement, from running and walking to dancing and biking.

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Make a Difference

When you sponsor your employees, every mile they move becomes money for charity.

Why Empower?

This isn't your average corporate wellness program. Most corporate step challenges and competitions fall flat because they primarily speak to your most active employees who are likely to win -- not the less active employees you really need to motivate.

Charity Miles motivates everyone by fostering a culture of corporate social responsibility and empowering employees to get moving in ways they enjoy while helping charities they're passionate about.

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Happier, Healthier Workforce

We make it easy and fun for your team to stay in shape, interact with each other, and give back. Staying healthy and giving back helps foster a sense of community even when working remotely.
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Proud Employees

Passionate companies foster passionate employees. Allowing your company to make a charitable impact as individuals and teams helps foster a strong corporate culture.
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Rallying around charitable and exercise helps cultivate collaboration and teamwork. Sponsor any charity close to your company’s heart and work together towards a common cause.
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Get Personal

Working from home can lead to a feeling of being disconnected. Sponsor your employees for the charity of their choice to provide more personal incentives to go the extra mile.

Charities Worth Moving for

Employee Engagement Ideas That Work

Today, it's not enough to simply offer wellness benefits and expect employees to use them. We utilize the best behavior science and employee engagement strategies to ensure your team gets active and stays active with Empower.

Clear Motivation

A dose of healthy competition can help your team bond. But never-ending challenges can eventually lose their charm and leave your employees feeling burnt out. Plus the word “challenge” means something hard and who needs another hard thing in life?

We do “corporate step challenges” without calling them a “challenge”. Instead, we motivate employees by giving them an easy way to get moving to make an impact for causes they care about.

Common Goal

Charity Miles enables everyone to work together toward a common goal of making an impact. This creates a sense of comradery that sets your corporate wellness program apart from the rest.


The #1 thing you can do to increase participation in your corporate wellness and coporate social responsibility program is to make them easy and accessible.

Which is exactly what we do for you. There's nothing "challenging" for you or your team to do !Employees can easily access their goals, choose charities, and connect with coworkers through the Empower mobile app.

Perfect For Remote Teams

Charity Miles provides your employee wellness and coporate responsibility programs with a human touch, even if your team is spread across the world. Our easy-to-use app is available globally so that your employees can get moving wherever they, and however they like, to raise funds for charities they care about.

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Form Healthy Habits

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Too often, employee engagement strategies don’t work because they become stagnant. Empower takes the movements your employees are already doing and turns them into something meaningful all while promoting more activity.

Your team will be surprised how their daily routine can help their favorite charities. A morning walk with their dog, a bike ride with the kids, or even running errands after work can all be counted! 

When your team becomes more mindful of how their movements matter, healthy habits can be formed.

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We know how important it is to keep your team connected while we all work remotely during this difficult time.

Empower is an affordable workplace fitness program for companies of all sizes to drive employee engagement. Get in touch with us today and let us show you how to empower your employees and enhance your employee engagement strategies!

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