Who Are Our Sponsors

A lot of people want to know how we get our sponsors, and why our sponsors work with us.

Our sponsors are amazing, mission-driven companies that are repurposing parts of their advertising budgets (money that might otherwise be spent on Facebook, magazines or other advertising) to sponsor us.

They could spend their marketing dollars anywhere.  But they choose to sponsor us because they really care.  That's just the kind of companies they are.

When companies sponsor us they are usually paying for marketing, not charity. But of course they like that they're able to support charity at the same time.  They get the opportunity to forge a relationship with you and make an impact. 

Sometimes people want to know if we share their data with our sponsors.  The answer there is no.  We're not shady like a lot of the other marketing platforms.  We believe that helping you make an impact is more effective marketing than invading your privacy and spamming you with banner ads.

In a typical partnership, we contribute up to 50% of our sponsorship fee to our sponsorship fund which is distributed annually to all of our charity partners in proportion to the miles done for each.  So far, we've been able to donate over $3 million for to charity.

The exact portion of our fee that we contribute to our sponsorship fund depends on the complexity and work required to activate it.  We always strive to keep things simple so that we can contrubute as much of our sponsorship fee to our charities as possible.

Please note, sometimes companies want to contribute a specific amount of dollars or cents per mile to a particular charity.  When they do, we'll let you know.

We're tremendously grateful for all of our sponsors' support.  If you are too, then please be thank them when you share your Charity Miles on social media.  It means a lot to them, and helps us get more sponsors to support all of our miles.

Thanks for your support!