Savoy Associates: Supporting Wellbeing and Common Purpose is the Key To Fostering an Award-Winning Culture


Savoy Associates is an independent boutique agency specializing in health and specialty benefits, HR, and compliance. Therefore, they know a bit about the importance of fostering employee wellbeing and culture. They have been changing the way that employers think about health insurance for more than 35 years.

Over the past decade, the agency has experienced rapid growth, nearly doubling in size. Now with 110 employees across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, Savoy has double-downed on its commitment to employee satisfaction and wellbeing.  This commitment was recognized when Savoy was voted a 2020 Top Insurance Workplace in Insurance Business America’s employee survey program.

The Challenge

Savoy was looking for a program to help cultivate teamwork across multiple locations. They wanted something that fostered employee wellbeing, was aligned with its company values, and allowed their teams to work towards a shared goal. 

Embracing a Variety of Causes

It is important for Savoy to encourage participation amongst all their employees, regardless of fitness level and experience. Therefore, instead of emphasizing competition, the agency emphasizes charity and collaboration, rallying their employees around a common purpose.


Savoy’s values are aligned with many of the charities represented in Charity Miles, which is one of the things they like most about the app. Therefore, Charity Miles helped Savoy put together a plan whereby the agency could run a variety of weekly challenges, each supporting a different charity.


During the first challenge, over one-third of staff members participated, one of the highest participation rates that Savoy has ever seen. One employee even logged an incredible 82 miles in just a single week.

Savoy keeps their participation high by rotating their supported charity each week.  So far, they have done over 3,200 Charity Miles in support of Susan G. Komen and the Alzheimer's Association.  

Shortly after signing on with Charity Miles, Savoy was named a 2020 Top Insurance Workplace by Insurance Business America based on employee satisfaction, health, and wellness. 

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