FranklinCovey: Harnessing Friendly Competition Into Charitable Impact


FranklinCovey is a multinational company specializing in leadership consulting and training. Operating in more than 150 countries, the company was founded on the belief that people are inherently capable of achieving greatness and become more effective as individuals and leaders. The bestselling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People laid the foundation for the FranklinCovey’s consulting practice and continues to guide the company’s approach to leadership and effectiveness consulting to this day.

The Challenge

As a company dedicated to empowering people to perform their best, leadership was looking for new ways to challenge and develop their own employees. In the past, the FranklinCovey had run many intra-company competitions, often breaking into teams with fun names and identities such as Commission Possible, Central Perk, and Southern Grit. However, they had not been able to find a solution that would suit all of their employees. With Charity Miles, FranklinCovey was looking to harness their colleague’s competitive nature in their first company-wide initiative to make a charitable impact.

Getting Started with Charity Miles

To help employees get started and ensure widespread adoption, Charity Miles and FranklinCovey collaborated to develop a detailed rollout plan, and leveraged FranklinCovey’s past successes in running intra-company competitions. To maintain consistency with the company’s past competitions, Charity Miles also built their existing team identities into the app. The familiarity of the usual team logos and captains helped encourage adoption and made the app feel intuitive for the new users.

To spice up the competition, FranklinCovey awarded the

Top 3 Employees

Top 3 Teams

with the most miles with a charitable donation to their charity of choice

It was also important to FranklinCovey to encourage active participation beyond running and walking. Since Charity Miles’ honor system allows people to manually enter miles for any activity, FranklinCovey created a conversion chart so that their colleagues would know how many miles to enter for activities such as water skiing and gardening. This helped boost participation rates and instill a sense of community throughout the company. 


Working together as teams, the dedicated employees at FranklinCovey managed to log more than 23,000 miles across the globe. This marked the first successful company-wide initiative that included all locations. Charity Miles allowed the teams at FranklinCovey to work towards a shared goal – at their own pace and while doing activities that they enjoy.

Bonus: Tips for Managing a Successful Intra-Team Competition

When it comes to managing a successful intra-team competition within a large, complex organization, the first step is establishing a clear communication plan. Clearly stating the purpose of the program helps avoid confusion and lowers the barriers to participation. Start by creating a communication plan and assign an administrator to oversee the competition and act as a company liaison. Charity Miles can help assist you and your team to make your next charity drive a success. Follow these simple steps to make your next intra-company competition a success.

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