EGC: A Renewed Commitment to Employee Wellbeing


Eva Garland Consulting (EGC) is an INC5000 fastest-growing company headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina with the mission of Advancing Science. EGC’s team of 50 Ph.D. scientists and grant accounting specialists work with clients to identify, secure, and manage grant funding to support their research & development. 

The firm has assisted thousands of scientists and entrepreneurs in tapping into the hundreds of billions of dollars of funding available each year through federal, state, and private grant opportunities.

The Challenge

As a company that believes in putting their employees first, EGC struggled to maintain their supportive work environment and corporate culture during the COVID-19 pandemic. With their employees working from home, the firm was looking for a way to maintain the strong sense of community among their teams. Coupled with the sedentary nature of their work, employees had less opportunities to go for walks together during lunch or participate in exercise classes after work. Many expressed that it was harder to stay motivated to exercise regularly. 

Finding Motivation

In addition to promoting mental and physical wellbeing, the added benefit of supporting great causes as individuals and teams proved to be a powerful combination. Being a company of high-performing individuals, EGC set ambitious monthly goals. Employees found a new drive to get moving to generate large donations to organizations such as Urban Ministries, Toys for Tots, and Backpack Buddies. The other motivating factor was that half of the money EGC donated went to a charity the employee felt passionate about.
With EGC being a successful business, the employees had a particularly compelling reason to give back, as so many other businesses have struggled to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the company organized a 1-day outdoor event where employees could participate in a socially distanced group exercise activity and log more miles.


Three months after the Charity Miles engagement program had been rolled out, the company managed to log over 6,600 miles in activity. 90% of the company downloaded the app and participated in the challenges. As a result, the logged miles and activities have helped raise over $1,600 to 26 amazing charities. Never before has EGC seen so much participation, or been able to give back to so many different causes at once.

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