Charity Miles Spotlight

Why is Well-Being Important to Brown & Brown?

At Brown & Brown Insurance, we encourage a healthy work-life balance for all teammates. Our teammates' health and well-being come first, along with the health and well-being of their families. We believe that when we, as an organization, collectively value and support these priorities, our company will continue to be driven by a positive, engaged, and productive team. 

Our CEO, Powell Brown, has been a major proponent of both physical and mental health for our teammates. He regularly shares messages, both personal and supportive, to encourage teammates to be active and focus on their health and well-being goals. The community and culture we have here are unique for such a large organization, and the Charity Miles challenges allow us to bring teammates together in a positive and healthy way.

What Was Different About the Initiative With Charity Miles That Made it Attractive?

Brown & Brown operates as a decentralized company. While many of our 300+ offices have done health and well-being challenges at the local level, the Charity Miles challenge allowed teammates from all across the organization to come together and support a common goal. We have been able to create camaraderie even while operating in a very challenging remote work environment.

Our Charity Miles challenge motivated and encouraged teammates to move and be active while benefiting a cause that supports fellow teammates and our communities. The Brown & Brown culture embraces self-starters and friendly competition, and that competitive spirit motivated many teammates to participate.

We witnessed teammates who have never met before encouraging each other to keep going and celebrating each other’s successes. These challenges have brought friendly competition to the enterprise level – offering something that teammates at any level and any location could join! These challenges created a platform that allowed our teammates to demonstrate The Power of WE, even when apart.

What Are Some of the Things You Did to Encourage Participation?

To encourage participation from our teammates, we sent e-newsletters for each challenge. We continued to post updates on our all-company intranet site and created a separate internal group page dedicated to all things Charity Miles. 

On the group page, we encouraged teammates to share photos of their favorite workout spots, celebrate successes, and share any updates and information regarding our challenges. We also had several offices go a step further and create contests and competition boards within their respective locations, such as; rewarding teammates who participate in the challenges and those who reach a high mileage. 

Do You Have Any Anecdotal Feedback or Success Stories Worth Sharing?

After our first challenge, many of our teammates wanted to know what was next and how they could continue with the Brown & Brown Charity Miles Team. The challenge provided our teammates a chance to get up and move during a time where most of us were stuck at home.

Teammates shared success stories, weight loss stories, how they beat personal records, and how participating in the challenge helped them focus on their mental and physical health during a challenging time.

All in all, for our first challenge, we had more than 900 teammates join, with another 200+ joining in for our second challenge. Charity Miles has been a hit with so many of our teammates. We are excited to continue partnering with Charity Miles. This program has positively impacted our teammates’ health and wellness goals while benefitting a great cause.

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