National Park Centennial Challenge Presented by Humana

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In celebration of The National Park Service turning 100 on August 25th, our sponsors Humana and the National Park Foundation are hosting a Charity Miles challenge!

The National Park Centennial Challenge Presented by Humana provides Charity Miles members with a chance to celebrate a milestone for the National Park Service by dedicating their charity miles to ensure that America’s national parks and heritage sites stay open for future generations.

It’s easy!
Complete one of these four amazing “virtual trails” by running/walking/biking the same distance as one of the featured National Park trails.

1. Mystic Falls Trail
–Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
–2.4 Miles


Jim Nicolarsen_Yellowstone NP_Share the Experience Photo Contest

2. Queens Garden/Navajo Loop Trail
–Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
–3 Miles


Jason Jeffries_Bryce Canyon National Park_Share the Experience Photo Contest

3. Rose River Loop Trail
–Shenandoah National Park, Virginia
–4 Miles


Saurabh Ray_Shenandoah_Share the Experience Photo Contest

4. Sergeant Mountain Loop
–Acadia National Park, Maine
–5.5 Miles


Jonathan Barnes_Acadia National Park_Share the Experience Photo Contest

After you finish your virtual run you’ll receive an email with a badge that signifies what trail you completed. Save the badge and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Be sure to include #StartwithHealthy and tag our friends @Humana.

Miss our email? No worries the next time you open the app you’ll see your badge. Screenshot and share with the world.

Members who share “virtual trail” badges on social media will earn the chance to win National Park Foundation gear!

This is an amazing way to celebrate the beauty of America’s national parks and bring awareness to their preservation. So get out there and start earning those badges.

Edited 8/2 FAQs

1) Is this a timed challenge? Nope. You have all month to complete the challenge and post your badges. There is no advantage to people who finish all four distances earlier.

2) Can I do all of the distances on the same day? You can earn one challenge badge per day. That’s why we are running the challenge for the entire month.

3) How many badges are there? There are four challenge badges each representing a different park. You will earn each badge once.

4) Do I have to do the exact distance? Nope. You can log any distance in between the badges as well as anything over 5.5 Charity Miles to earn the Sargent Mountain Loop Badge.

5) I’m not seeing my badge in-app message. You will receive your badge in an in-app message the next time you open Charity Miles. Please make sure you have the most updated version of the app. IOS is available on 7/22, and Android is available on 7/31. For certain devices, you may receive the message the next day.

6) I didn’t get my badge email. The badge emails get sent the next morning after you completed the challenge distance. This is a different email than your post-workout email. To receive the email please make sure you have the most updated version of the app.

7) I have a different question. Please email with any National Park Centennial Challenge Presented by Humana-related questions.

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