How To Sync With Health Kit (iOS)

This enables you to track all movement recorded by your phone,
and all movement recorded by any fitness trackers connected to your phone's HealthKit.

1. The first time you come to the Charity Miles Home screen your pedometer will read 0 steps.

2. A screen will slide up and ask if you want to enable HealthKit. Tap the Track Steps button.

3. Tapping the Track Steps button will take you to to the Health Access screen. Tap Turn All Categories On.

4. Next tap Allow to confirm.


5. If you don’t connect to HealthKit when initially prompted, you can always go back to Settings to connect it later.

6. On the Settings screen connect to HealthKit by tapping Steps. This will take you to step 3 above where you can turn all categories on.

Now all your daily steps will be tracked in Charity Miles.