“A BRAND NEW Way To Save BIG Money On Things You’re Going To Buy Anyway”

From: Gene Gurkoff, Founder of Charity Miles
Re: URGENT: Your Extra Mile Club Invitation

This is time sensitive, so thank you for taking the 121 seconds necessary to read this entire invitation before deciding if it's right for you.

As you know, at Charity Miles, we help our members (we call you “Champions”) raise money for charity through the help of our corporate sponsors in our app.

By using our app to track what you’d do anyway: working out, jogging, biking and running, the companies who sponsor your workouts send their funds to your charities through us.

And it’s precisely how we’ve raised over $2.5 million for charity and growing!

Now, in addition to having our sponsors help you RAISE money doing what you would do anyway, what if we helped you SAVE money buying what you’d buy anyway…

You know, things like running shoes, gear, healthy groceries and race entries.

In many cases, our sponsors are willing to not only give our members a discount, but also pay us a commission when our members purchase one of their products.

But we decided it would be better to forego the commission and pass it onto you as even more savings.

How we’re hooking you up with some really big deals while raising money for charity…

We created a private, members-only club where we host our deepest, most-exclusive discounts on things our members love and are going to buy anyway.

For Example, here’s just a handful of the deals we’ve already negotiated for you…

  • 15% off Nike, Reebok, Asics, New Balance, Hoka and Altra Running Shoes
  • 15% off running apparel and accessories at JackRabbit
  • 10% off cycling and triathlon gear at CleverTraining
  • 25%-50% off Major Hotels
  • 25-75% off Groceries
  • 30% off Aaptiv Membership
  • And much much more!

PLUS every month we’ll be working on bringing you exclusive limited time deals that the merchants just can’t afford to keep open longer than a month. These flash sales will be like having a Black Friday sale every single month!

“The Extra Mile Club”

Inside a members only portal, you get access to private exclusive deals that we've negotiated on your behalf on products that we feel you'll love.

These are products for living a fit and healthy life, and helping you make an even bigger impact in the world.

How Does This Help The Charities?

It’s easy. You can get access to the club for just a small fee, which we’ll use to scale our impact. 

Our goal is for you to recoup the club fee with one or two purchases and give you access to incredible savings year-round!

It’s just like Sam’s Club, Costco or the way Amazon Prime charges a small annual fee to bring you incredible savings and free shipping on almost everything you buy.  

This small club fee is like chipping in to pay a skilled negotiator to not just find you deals, but to make the deals for you.  

And the best part is that it can enable us to support many more miles, and many more charities.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Join the Extra Mile Club at the Founding Member deal of only $9.99 per month or $99 per year (Read below to see how you can get it for much less!)
  • You’ll receive a login to our private member portal where you get to access the deals you want.
  • Every month you’ll receive notice of new deals and perks for Extra Mile Club members only.

The monthly fee to participate in the Extra Mile Club is only $9.99 per month and it unlocks dozens of deals saving you 15% to 75% on things you'd likely buy anyway.

And you can cancel at anytime or get a full refund after 14 days.

To sign up for the $9.99 per month program simply click here.


To make this even more attractive to you, we're rewarding our first 2 groups of Founding Members with a pretty big discount.

Normally the Extra Mile Club will be $9.99 per month (or $120 per year).  

The Annual rate is only $99/year, saving you $21/year (a great deal!).

But we want to reward our fast movers by discounting the Annual rate even more!

So the first 500 fast movers will receive the Extra Mile Club for only $39 per year.

Once the first 500 have been claimed, the next 500 members will receive a 50% discount on the annual rate of only $49/year.

After 1001 founding members are on board, the annual fee goes back up to $99/year (still an incredible deal as you may agree!).


The First 1000 Annual Members Also Receive A FREE Extra Mile Club T-Shirt (Limited)

The T-Shirt is valued at $24 alone.  It's yours free as one of the first 1,000 members only.

Want the  $9.99/month program? Click here

Otherwise choose the Annual option below and save even bigger…

First 500 MembersSold Out

$ 39

Per YearFast Action Discount

Fist 500 Members Only

BONUS: Free T-Shirt


Member 501 to 1000Current Discount ACTIVE

$ 49

Per YearNormally $99/Year.  Save $70 vs Monthly

BONUS: Free T-Shirt

14 Day Money Back Guarantee, Cancel At Any Time

Member 1001+

$ 99

Per Year14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Cancel At Any Time

Coming Soon

Available After $49 Option Sells Out

Extra Mile Club Guarantee.

Join the club, go shopping and save as much money as you can. If you don’t feel the small annual fee is worth it for you in the next 14 days, just ask for a refund and we’ll send you your club fee back, yet you get to keep the savings.

Why would we make this over-the-top guarantee?

It’s true, this means some people could score some some amazing deals and still ask for their money back, thus gaming the system and the charities we support… but we feel most of our members actually want to help charity.

And we’re so confident that we’ve negotiated some truly irresistible deals, that we’ll put it all on the line for you. Still, if the deals we bring you aren’t something you see value in, we want you to keep your money.

Sound fair?

Frequently Asked Questions

• How do I join?  Just click one of the buttons above to choose the monthly or annual package.

• What do I get?:  Private members only access to our Extra Mile Club deal page where you can access dozens of deals and new flash deals every month.

• How much can I save?:  At least 20% and on some of the deals we’re working on, up to 50% or more!

• How do I cancel?:  If for any reason you’d like to cancel, you have 14 calendar days to submit a request for a refund.  If you’d like to cancel any monthly or annual payments, simply send an email to support@charitymiles.org and let us know.

Is this mandatory? No, you can still use Charity Miles for free.  The Extra Mile Club is just for those members who want to go, well, the extra mile… and save lots of money on things they are going to buy anyway.