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By April 10, 2019 No Comments
If you're looking for something inspiring to listen to on your next run, I thought you'd like my latest podcast with Boston Marathon champion, Des Linden.
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Last year, Des Linden became the first American woman in 33 years to win the Boston Marathon. One of the most epic, poetic wins ever.

We recorded this episode in Boston, MA., just 24 days before Des will seek to defend her title in the 2019 Boston Marathon. 

You’ll hear the hustle and bustle of Boylston Street as we make our way down the famous home stretch of the race.

And most importantly, you'll hear how, even when it didn't seem like her day, Des' decision to run in service of others helped her dig deeper, propelling her to her greatest victory.

Please come along for the walk or run with us.  And please share it with someone special.

Huge thanks to Des for sharing her story with us. 

Des, we're all rooting for you!

Keep Showing Up!

P.S. Another big thanks to our awesome sponsor, Brooks Running (also Des' sponsor) for all their support and helping to make this podcast possible.