A Team That Walks Together - Jenny Piccard from Brown & Brown
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A Team That Walks Together – Jenny Piccard from Brown & Brown

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"A phenomenal event. The walk restores my faith in humanity"

— Jenny Piccard

Jenny Piccard is an assistant underwriter at Halcyon, a subsidiary of Brown & Brown Insurance, one of Charity Miles Employee Empowerment partners. She has been supporting Autism Speaks since her son, Elias was diagnosed with autism in 2005. 

 Jenny Piccard expresses a lot of gratitude when speaking about Autism Speaks. “Their grace and generosity is unimaginable,” she says.

 She also expresses a lot of gratitude for her colleagues at Halcyon who have rallied behind her for many years to support Autism Speaks.

“Life happened here at Halcyon. I met my husband here, got married here, had my son, and received a lot of emotional support from my colleagues over the years.  I love working and I enjoy being a part of this company.“ 

 Jenny’s colleagues made sure she  could always be there for Elias while maintaining a happy and fulfilled professional life. 

 “I am grateful I have been able to maintain both those aspects of my life. My colleagues all know what is happening, they are very accommodating and they even support Autism Speaks with donations.”

 Recently, Jenny’s colleagues joined her for the Autism Speaks Walk, which raises money and provides resources and information for families in their community.

 “A phenomenal event. The walk restores my faith in humanity, “ Jenny says. “When you do something like this, it’s like you start a ripple effect. That good transcends in the community. It’s wonderful to see families and children doing this together, and people wanting to know how Elias is doing”.

April is autism awareness month and Jenny and her colleagues show no signs of slowing down.

 “We are all different, but when we come together for one good purpose it’s an amazing thing that happens,” says Jenny. “We want to create an environment where our children feel safe. This event gives families a sense of hope.”