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October 2018

Member Spotlight: Mario Estevez

This week’s Member Spotlight features Charity Miles member Mario Estevez! Hailing from Southern Florida, Mario’s life was changed forever when his son Sebastian was diagnosed with Hunter Syndrome two years ago. Mario, along with several other proactive parents throughout the country, are working to raise money for their nonprofit, Project Alive, in…

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Member Spotlight: Alex and Leanne Freedom Hacking Their Way Around The World With Charity Miles

This month’s member spotlight features two globetrotting travel hackers with an amazing story about how they’re using the Charity Miles app on their adventures. And it’s a MUST SEE… Their mission is to unearth unconventional shortcuts to unforgettable experiences through travel, adventure, personal growth and contribution.  (Read more about how…

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Member Spotlight: Russ Keeler

This week’s Member Spotlight features Charity Miles member Russ Keeler! Residing in Kingston, Pennsylvania, Russ has embarked on an incredible weight loss journey over the past year, losing over 115 pounds since November 2017! We had the opportunity to chat with Russ, discussing his recent transformation from a novice runner…

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