April Giveaway Winners Announced

Watch this video to see if you won...

Also, as I mentioned in the video, here's a link to let me know who you'd most like me to interview on the Charity Miles podcast.

And if you haven't checked out The Extra Mile podcast yet, here are links to some of my favorite episodes:

1.  Meb Keflezghi (iTunesGoogle Play)
2.  Des Linden (iTunesGoogle Play)
3.  Katherine Switzer (iTunesGoogle Play)
4.  Scott Jurek (iTunesGoogle Play)
5.  Bart Yasso (iTunesGoogle Play)
6.  Jordan Metzl (iTunesGoogle Play)
7.  Jesse Itzler (iTunesGoogle Play)
8.  Playing for Change (iTunesGoogle Play)
9.  U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema (iTunesGoogle Play)
10.  Bob Babbitt (iTunesGoogle Play)