How To Record An Activity

Step 1:

Tap the Record button icon (middle icon, bottom row).  Then choose the activity that is most applicable to you.

For outdoor activities, we use your phone's GPS to measure your distance.  It's usually very accurate.

For indoor activities, we use your phone's motion sensors to feel steps and approximate distance.  It's not as accurate as GPS, but we do our best.

Step 2:

Now the app is tracking your distance.  You can put it in the background of your phone, if you want.  But don't forget to come back to finish and save your activity.

If you swipe up on the screen, you can see more information from your charity and sponsors, and also take a selfie to share later.

To finish and save your activity, press the “Finished” button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 3:

Share a photo on social media to raise more awareness for your charity, invite friends to join you, and get more pledges.

Note: if you have set up your pledge page, we automatically copy it’s url for you so that you can easily paste it into your post!