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Charity Miles Champion: Madison Rae

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Charity Miles Champion Madison and her classmates started using Charity Miles for a class project, now it’s become a fun and healthy habit. More on Madison and her friends here.  

My friend Kayla and I recently discovered Charity Miles. We think that it’s a phenomenal app that integrates technology, community, and exercising all in one.


We decided to use the app as the base of our FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) STAR Events Chapter Project. The FCCLA goal is to find ways to help the community through contemporary ways. Our project revolves around exercise. 

We started a team (@JCHSFCCLA) on the app and as of today, we have 36 members and over 451 miles recorded. We saw an rapid increase in members after advertising around school and in the local town newspaper. We want to see a change in the habits of our student body all while supporting a good cause.


We found Charity Miles from our Early Childhood Education teacher, Mrs. Heather Huff.  She found it from the Jasper County Primary School/ Washington Park Elementary School media center specialist, Mrs. Amy Wade, and wanted to inform us of the find.

We support different organizations as well as our team members. I personally supports Autism Speaks because my younger brother is autistic. Kayla supports the National Park Foundation because she is an avid nature lover and goes on hikes with her family..

 Kayla uses her Charity Miles to prepare for 5K-10K races and I’m using it to prepare for my first 5K.  Some races include the Peachtree Road Race and the Deer Dash.


We’re so excited to be inspiring the next generation to move with a purpose. Do you know a school that would like to use Charity Miles to teach about community and philanthropy, all while staying active? If your answer is yes please email 

And remember Every Mile Matters. 

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